Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Villains for The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan has kept his Batman adaptation within the realm of reality, not relying very heavily on supernatural explanations, and he has ruled out Mr. Freeze and The Riddler as villains for Batman 3.  So, who should be the main villain?  Here are three ideas to chew on:


We know that after The Dark Knight, Batman will be running from the law in the next movie, as alluded to in the closing scene of The Dark Knight.  Bane's charachter is complex enough to interest Nolan.  He's an intelligent foe that uses brains and brawn, though the whole Venom drug thing would possibly have to be changed or improved to fit into the current Batman universe.  Maybe Bane just needs a certain combination of steroids every 12 hours?

The Penguin

A great fit for the seedy underworld of the Dark Knight's Gotham.  If it was less campy and more gangsterish, it would make a great fit, just leave out the ridiculous penguin armys from Batman Returns.  A possible candidate for this Dark Knight Rises villain would be philip Seymour Hoffman.  How sweet would that be?

New Villain

After a long string of great stories that Christopher Nolan has crafted, don't be suprised if an entirely new villain arrives on the scene that has not been seen before.  Nolan is immaginative enough to craft a villain that is worthy of other greats in the Batman lore.

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